Play Lab: Exercise Two

What if multitasking was one of the core values of our society? Here are some possible consequences

  • More tasks will be started, fewer will be completed
  • We will be generalists over specialists — fewer experts
  • Lack of in-depth research
  • We will be hyper-aware of time and every minute wasted
  • More careless mistakes and accidents
  • Less attention and care paid to tasks and people
  • Weaker relationships between people
  • Less developed hobbies and passions
  • It will take more people to complete one task
  • People will have more interests
  • Less appreciation for “taking your time” and enjoying an experience
  • Increased obesity as a result of eating faster and putting less thought and time into food preparation

What will the future role of designers be? What will be the problems they will need to solve?

  • People don’t know how much attention to allot to each of their tasks
  • People start tasks and don’t finish them
  • Because it takes many people to complete one task, people need a quick way to collaborate, for short periods of time
  • People lose interest in tasks quickly