6am Hit the snooze button several times, friend. It’s too early. Nothing good happens before 7am.

7am Look in the closet. Close the closet. Open some dresser drawers. Close some dresser drawers. Get in the shower.

7:15am Review the chair pile of I-Wore-It-Once-For-Like-An-Hour (IWIOFLAH ) clothing in the corner. …

My church preferred the huskier, happier, healthier version of Jesus, and that’s what I saw after I overdosed

Illustration: Mark Wang

Trigger Warning: This story contains descriptions of assault and rape.

I don’t believe in heaven.

I was raised on a steady drip of Jesus and a Heavenly Father who created me, and who not only knows my name, but also cares deeply about each and every decision I’ve ever made…

The queer, middle-aged struggle to find home and start over in Los Angeles

Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash

We are two 40-ish (almost heart)broke(en) queers who are starting over, together.

We are both still married (and almost divorced), to supportive and kind men who themselves are now in happy, fulfilling relationships with people they care about.

We each have four kids between the ages of 4 and 29…

Leah Blooms

Genderfluid, Queer (she/they/he) Sex Positive Writer, Health & Wellness Mentor, committed to cultural humility & equity. leahblooms.com IG:@leahblooms

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