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I see you are getting close to being despondent, friend. Lacking hope that things will change. Don’t forget that six months ago, we could not fathom what our today is. And in that same vein, we don’t know what tomorrow or next month or next January looks like.

The landscape keeps changing. We need to find our cores, stand on our foundations (where our power is), and allow the rest of our bodies and minds to catch up. Adapt.


The days are piling up, one horrible thing after another. You’ve moved past disbelief (that was so April/May, lazy eyeroll), and have landed in a weird quasi-calm with quiet, unspoken desperation right under the cracking surface. You’re mad at everyone and love everyone (except those effin people who won’t wear masks). Your crying jags are unexpectedly long sometimes, and you’ve eaten your fill of cold spaghetti noodles over the sink at 3am. You’re angry at everyone, including yourself. You haven’t had a haircut in months, and you look it (but it’s working for you!), …


Leah Blooms

Genderfluid, Queer (she/they/he) Sex Positive Writer, Health & Wellness Mentor, committed to cultural humility & equity. IG:@leahblooms

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