What Are You Thankful For?
The Medium Writing Prompt

I am thankful for . . . my bathtub

  1. Abundant water. I can turn on the tap and run as much water as I want, whenever I want it.
  2. Clean water. Unlike many places in the world, if I should happen to swallow some of my bathwater, I won’t get sick .
  3. Hot water. Until the hot water tank runs out. (My tub is not that big.)
  4. Time to think. Our kid is grown; our dog, Bruno, is somewhere over the rainbow bridge in a dog park in the sky; my job (writing) requires that I take time to think.
  5. I am fortunate enough that I can pay someone to clean said bathtub twice a month.
  6. I am fortunate enough that I have a home, a place where said bathtub can reside.
  7. My tub has a sloped back rest, unlike the one in a recent hotel room that was straight up-and-down, an unsoakworthy tub.
  8. The first time I used a shower, while visiting relatives in Florida when I was maybe eight years old, nobody told me to put the curtain inside the tub. Lesson learned.
  9. When I was about ten years old, my dad installed a shower to go with our tub. But I’ll always be a tub person. As a kid: bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Now: the knuckles on my old hands can look like crocodile eyes lurking just above the surface.
  10. When I was in the midst of menopause, the feeling of panic that accompanied hot flashes temporarily sent me back to the shower.
  11. After a soak, I can push back my softened cuticles like my grandmother taught me.
  12. Sometimes while soaking, I listen to music, really listen, without having to do anything else but listen.
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