7/21 Chapters 7 and 8
Yaniv Aronson

Media convergence is the merging of different media platforms or “acquiring or merging with other content providers and distributors, such as television stations, Internet companies and magazines, and linking the marketing as well as the news divisions across subsidiary firms,” (Klinenberg 148). For example, it is now possible to watch a news reporter’s broadcast online. The purpose of this is to spread content to a wider audience in order to mass communicate.

I believe that there are currently no more ways to attain media convergence, but we will never be fully integrated. Because almost all mass media platforms can be found on the Internet and on your smart phone, it seems to me that there is no more ways for integration. However, as new technology is being developed, there will be new ways to integrate.

I think that print media has already adapted to the digital age in several ways. For example, almost all newspapers can be found online as well as many novels. As stated in the article, journalists want to “not only serve but create their communities” (155). By putting their work online, journalists are doing just that.