The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

Appreciate the discussion here but respectfully disagree with your article. I don’t care much for the beer or for most advertising and I know the industry well.

As for your opinion: Dissent is normal. Meaning, seeing two people disagree and then have civil discourse should be normal and that is what is being normalized here. And that is what our society has lost.

Dissent should motivate and elevate us. But we have all devolved. We see any kind of dissent as a threat to our existence. But who wants to live in a fully homogenized world? Even one with the perfect values of my own leftist views? For everyone in the world to “agree” is a totally unrealistic expectation. And frankly it shouldn’t happen. Dissent brings progress. However, there are certain standards of humanity that must be fought for. Those who live in the center must fight for those who live on the margins. But when has merely yelling at your opponent ever changed their mind?

When we tell people they’re stupid for having their opinions, they tend to double down on them and we experience even more opposition. As we are trying to rebuild broken trusts we have to release our self-righteousness. A person who has been racist or in some way phobic their whole lives doesn’t stop seeing that world that way because you called them a dumb shit or persecuted them. They might however stop being that way because you treated them like a human being, stopped shaming them and engaged them and offered them a seat at the table. And it has been proven many times that this is only way. Empathy and Civility isn’t radical, it’s just extremely hard for self-righteous people to do, particularly when they rarely are ever faced with people who don’t think like them.

It’s a human right to have an opinion. The sooner we stop trying to strip everyone of this right who thinks opposite of us, and understand how “belonging” and “community” works and what it does, the sooner we might resolve the more pressing issues in our country. But people are terrified of letting everyone have a voice. However, if you disallow someone’s “no”, their “yes” is meaningless. So we must let them claim themselves. Let them come around to it on their own terms in their own way. May take longer than we’d like, but it’ll be sooner than never. Sure is scary to realize that everyone should be able to voice their totally unwise batshit crazy opinion, and that’s ok. What’s not ok is shaming anyone for it. That’s what creates the downward spiral, and that’s what furthers the divide, not the opinion itself. The solution is in accepting responsibility in elevating the humanity in the conversation. Hokey and backwards and challenging as it may seem, civil engagement is the true unit of transformation. Takes time and awareness and self-acceptance, because one realizes one is really having to face their own phobias and biases.

Check out the story of Derek Black, indoctrinated and set to inherit the KKK and then flipped due to being treated like a human after. He later wrote an op-ed in the nytimes.

More stories like this one all around.

Thanks for taking the time to share. Best of luck on the journey. xo

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