A Letter to Self

If you know you’re doing your best, but you’re not getting expected results, just remember: Patience. They say overnight success takes ten to twenty years of hard work.

1.) Trust your gut when it tells you when to go.

Stop frustrating over all the details right now. It’s time for you to grow and flourish as a person in your chosen career. Value failures and setbacks more than any assets and success. It will teach you how to carry on, act, think and do better. Know that when the right time comes, everything will align for the greater good.

2.) Remember you’re not in this world alone.

You surviving all these hardships and chaos might be someone else’s source of strength and hope; their definition of Resilience.

3.) Stop caring what other people think.

Somewhere down the road, you’ll be going to evaluate and assess what you have done and achieved so far. You will realize how worthless it was to compromise what good you could’ve done just because you’re thinking what other people might say. Everyone is just as busy looking at other people looking at them that at the end of the day, they all end up just looking at each other. By doing this, people end up not helping themselves do better or worst, not even trying to do what they really want. Although your journey is unique and might be hard to understand, there will always be people silently cheering on you and believing in you.

4.) Fear due to pain and insecurity is not worth the while, especially with your Potential.

5.) Love Yourself

More than anything else you could invest your time and feelings on, love yourself. If you love yourself enough, overflow is inevitable. If you love yourself less, you might end up asking for too much for the other person you love just because you’re not complete on the inside to begin with. Remember, you are the first person whose there for you in success, setbacks, disappointments and you must learn to value yourself too.

Lastly, 30, 40 or 50 years from now, you’re going to look back and say,

“I’m glad I did my all with what I got.”

That’s all you have to think for now.


Lea ❤