Importance of Underground Utility Detection and Mapping

It is important to get the underground utility detection survey performed before the construction for your new home or office building takes place. A professional underground and overground utility detection service provider can give you an idea about how feasible it is carry out the project in that area as the most advanced technology is used by providers of utility and repair services in Charleston that allows color coded mapping of the area, which in turn reduces the need to go for invasive excavations, thus clearing the air about the successful construction project.

Underground utility detection is important because of several reasons as anyone who is planning to develop a certain site they need to check the feasibility of the same beforehand. Once the developer takes help of repair services in Charleston SC for surveying and mapping of the site, they get the idea of what all utilities are available and who owns them so that they can contact them in advance to avoid any legal difficulties in future.

For example, if a site developer plans to change once an industrial unit into a residential property, then they must check in advance the availability of sufficient utilities required for meeting the demands of a housing society. This also means checking underground to identify any potential threat buried underneath that needs to be removed before the construction begins. Threats possibly include waste from previous site, any harmful gas pipeline, etc. that needs immediate remedial work. With the help of high quality survey drawings, an underground utility detection service provider will be able to answer all these questions. They use the latest available technology like ground penetrating radar and radio detection techniques to help the site developer save both time and money.

All this detailed information is considered priceless for a site developer as it saves them from unnecessary excavations and damages. The information that a developer sought from utility mapping service providers can also be used alongside for fixed utility surface features like valve boxes, inspection chambers, telegraph and telephone poles, etc.

It has been cleared that utility detection and mapping is very much significant before starting the development of any site. Locating the buried utility services not only avoids disruptions during the construction but also save additional cost of getting those services installed again if they remain undetected. Thus it is advisable to get the utility detection and mapping survey done before you embark on the construction project to make it the most profitable venture of your life.

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