Interested in public relations ? The internship that you’ll want !

Exposure is seeking for interns for this spring.

The second semester already started and you can almost see the end of the year… That’s the perfect moment to ask yourself : what am I going to do after ? Exposure, New York, the famous public relations agency also based in Tokyo and London, will help you to answer to this harsh question. the agency is offering you the opportunity of working for them. If you are passionated, motivated and have communication skills, this internship may be made for you !

* Who’s Exposure ?

Exposure is a public relations agency based (almost) on all the continents : Tokyo, London and New York are the cities which welcome their offices. Their purpose is to connect consummers and the brands in order to create a strong link between them in many different ways :

“Exposure accomplishes the extraordinary by working together to serve all of our clients’ needs from brand strategy, marketing, media relations, events and promotions.”

This agency is internationally renowned as show its many partnerships with great firms as Coca Cola, Nike, Windows, Netflix…

* More about the internship…

The internship would start when you will be available until May. The office hours are from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, but the intern must be ready to work later if needed. It would take place in the New York City office. Even if the internship is unpaid, the advantages are not insignificant : they will “gain hands-on experience in exchange for college credit” and “have the opportunity to be mentored by a university professor on crucial skills in the PR industry”. On top of that, they will get an unlimited monthly MetroCard.

Interns will have the opportunity to recieve lots of responsabilites, very developping, such as :

  • Creating and maintaining a media lists via Cision
  • Managing client placements
  • Monitoring the Showroom via Fashion GPS
  • Filling in monthly reports for clients
  • Assist with research for new and existing client

* Is that made for you ?

According to Exposure, the “ ideal candidate should be studying communication and/or marketing.”. He also have to be confortable with thechnologies (mac books, software…), have very good communication skills and be multitasking.

“We are seeking self-motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic candidates who will gain valuable experience and practical industry knowledge.”

If you are interested to apply, you can contact the agency by sending a cover letter and your resumé to You can also find more informations on

So, what are you waiting for ?

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