In 2017, our branding, Convargo’s branding, intentions were to create a premium product with clear, delightful and super light interfaces.

With white and dark backgrounds and thin grey fonts, to create an elegant and classy product. Thinking “it is not because you do freight forwarding that you can’t build a delightful product”.

Convargo’s interface, 2017

But we discovered then that the consequences of this graphic choices were pretty bad :

  • Non memorable: Following the 2017 graphic trends, Convargo had the same kind of interfaces of any new BtoB start up. The branding could be applied to many other companies. White and dark with…

At Everoad, we have grown super fast in a few months, from 7 folks (1 designer and 6 developers) in the tech team to 22 people (product managers, designers, engineers).

When you scale that fast, preserving branding and user experience quality of your product is a real challenge.

That’s why we decided to define our design principles, using a framework inspired by Jessie Chen’s article: Why design principles shape stronger products.

If you too, are wondering how to align your product/tech/design teams, then I strongly recommend that you to start with design principles.

Here are inspiring resources, incl. …

At Everoad, one of our main value is People First:

We improve each other through mentoring and coaching

We care for each other

We flourish through differences

I’m currently head of design, leading a team of 4 amazing people : 3 designers and 1 user researcher. As manager, I consider that my mission is to support and encourage them. They have to know that I’m here to help them to become better everyday, to give them the best work environment possible, and all tools they need to improve their own skills and careers.

So, weekly One-One meetings are one of…

Almost 2 years ago, I joined PrestaShop as product designer in the core team. To improve our work we decided to rethink our full product process and I’ve built the design process at the same time.

I wanted to build an extremely collaborative design process including designers, product managers and developers. This process is now part of our routine and I would like to share it with you, and give you some extra tips to apply if that rings your bell.

I wrote this article mainly for product designers looking for tips and methodologies, so it is long to read…

A framework for ideation workshop

At PrestaShop, our product team is highly inspired by Lean UX and design thinking. We build our own methodologies with one strong intention: staying collaborative.

One of my favorite exercise is a homemade workshop to build the product interfaces together in less than 1 hour.

If you have to improve your product, find a solution to resolve a problem your users meet, and you want an efficient way to do it, this exercise is made for you.

If you want to avoid time-consuming roundtrips between tech, strategy and UX constraints to validate your solution ideas and wireframes, you have to…

I needed a catchy title for my article, so here you are. In fact, these 5 tips I give you here are not the-ultimate-magic-recipe. But these are 5 principles I really believe in, because they come from my own experience. So I won’t say you’ll have to follow it to the letter to become the best lead designer in the world, but it could help you and your team if you apply it.

First, some context: How I became lead designer

I work at PrestaShop (a free open source CMS specialized in e-commerce) since 2015. …

Léa Mendes Da Silva

VP design at Payfit. com

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