Review class 2
Amelia Posleman

I use both ways of shopping. Online shopping gives you the possibility to “look around” in a more quiet environment, without sellers trying to convince you to buy anything. Plus you have the possibility to compare products, prices from another shops, people’s reviews, characteristics, etc.

The downside of online shopping is that you can’t touch and feel the product, check its quality, etc. In site shopping gives you the possibility to take the product with you right away after purchasing it. But this way of shopping is tricky: if you don’t plan your budget very well you can end up blowing your money away. Also the sellers may tell you anything in order for you to make the purchase: you face the risk of being confused by too much information and misinformation.

In both places, in site and online, you can find marked down prices and nos of the times they’re the same wherever you buy.

The key is to think first what you need. Then visit the virtual or real store. Otherwise you’ll always find something to spend your money on. Both places have tricks to make you desire something you don’t need.