I have negative blips too…

I like to think I am a half full glass kinda person… I practise my positive affirmations and show gratitude daily by writing down 3 things I am grateful for, but sometimes even I can have a small blip. This morning we went live with our 4th Morning workout and as usual Grace was doing the camera work for me and Harvey was being disruptive..

I found it really challenging to get through the filming, I was thinking why? Harvey why? He’s been playing around in the last 3 videos but this time he was pushing mum’s boundaries.. After the workout and we had finished going live, I asked him what were you doing Harvey? (if you don’t already no, Harvey is 6 yrs old). He said i was just trying to be funny mum… Later he says, your Lives (meaning the live videos, we are filming) are more important than me. I immediately felt guilty and like I wasn’t doing a good job at being mum, I am being selfish doing this mini fitness videos. All these negative thoughts started to race through my mind. Thankfully I do recognise them when they start to come in and I now know how to deal with them.

I turn them around to I am grateful to be around at 8am in the morning,

I am grateful that my job allows me to have this extra time with the kids.

I am doing the best I can at being mum.

I am enough.

I am helping other busy mums fit a short workout into their day.

Next time you find yourself getting caught up in negative thoughts and giving yourself a hard time, stop and have a think about how you can switch these thoughts around.

Leana “we will be back live at 8am tomorrow too” Robinson

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