Repeat after me “I’ve got this”

I have often wandered if it is possible for me to actually explode. Take today for example it’s Monday and I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get everyone sorted out for the week.. Trying my best to be a super organised mum, but somehow still end up at the last minute for school..

Now I could focus on the negative here that I was late but instead I chose to focus on the positives

Did my kids have breakfast? YES
Was it awesome homemade pancakes by any chance? YES
Did they both clean their teeth? YES
Did I remember their packed lunch? YES

So I chose this morning to pat myself on the back instead of beating my self down over it, which is what I would have done a few years ago by the way.

Going back to the feeling of exploding though lol! I do this in the morning then I do my days scheduled work.. Go to pick up the kids from school and BAM… We’re back to the whining and mumbling! I remain upbeat and continue to run around to ballet, tesco, make teas, church club 1 and church club 2 followed by teaching a PT session.. Write my blog, organise more of my wedding in 5 weeks eek!

And I know if I asked you what you did today or any other day, it would be pretty much the same as mine..So..

Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves under this tremendous pressure? Is it any wander we are sneaking in an extra fish finger for ourselves as we cook the kids meals or that we can’t wait for that cheeky glass of wine to celebrate the end of the day… I know I get it.. I’m here with you.

What I would like you to do this week, is make time for you each day. It can be a walk to clear your head, watching your favourite TV program uninterrupted, reading a chapter of your favourite book or a relaxing soak in the bath. What ever it is that you like to do, make time for yourself once each day.

By making time for you, you will be ready to tackle what ever the day throws at you.

Leana “making more time for me” Darbyshire

P.s If you would like to be part of a group of awesome mums join us here in my face book group Mummy and Me Club