The answer lies in what the Greeks have taught us.

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Do you feel like your communication isn’t effective enough?

I challenge you to consider the Classical Trivium, which is what I use to teach my clients how to write books compellingly, and master it.

The Classical Trivium is made of three intertwined disciples: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

They are all equally important. For example, if you only master grammar, but not logic and rhetoric, your communication is nonsensical. You say or write things that are grammatically correct but that don’t add up.

On the other hand, if you have a strong grasp of logic, but you don’t master rhetoric and grammar, you come off as mechanical and difficult to understand. There is no style, no structure. …

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We need to get back to writing to save the world from the anxious moment we live in.

We have a problem in the English-speaking world. We no longer care about nor teach writing with love, simplicity, and sophistication.

We no longer instill the desire to educate, persuade, and motivate through the art of the written word.

We live in an era of public speaking. We live in an area of social media and shortened communications. We see writing as a chore.

Why? The answer is simple:

The self-interested technocrats, bureaucrats, and business people do not care about language, but use it for their purposes. …

You may have been sold a rotten idea about book writing.

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If you’re someone with ideas and a desire to stand out, you must be familiar with this mantra:

The business of writing is a lucrative one in our knowledge economy. Written content is everywhere. From Facebook to LinkedIn to blogs to online magazines, everyone reads and writes text to be consumed by the masses every day. But because social media content is everywhere, it is unimportant. You cannot distinguish yourself with it.

What’s the solution, then?

According to many—including myself, to a certain extent—the solution is to have a book to your name. Not only is it an impressive achievement that only a few can boast, but it also shows you are serious and rigorous about your subject matter.


Léandre Larouche

Author & Writing Coach. Classical Trivium Advocate. Founder of Stellar Writing.

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