Build Time, Compilation Modes and Tools

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In this article, I write about:

  • Analyzing XCode Projects Build Time with XCLogParser.
  • Analyzing Swift Code with Sitrep.
  • How I decreased our iOS Project Debug Build-Time by 40%!
  • How a Swift compiler bug made our Release-builds take roughly 50 minutes (and how I solved that problem).


A few months ago I set out to decrease our project compile-time. …

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Great animation by Owen Chikazawa

A while ago I wrote an article about a Modular Architecture in iOS. I had to leave many details out to keep it short and readable. So, I’d like to expand a little and write about some details.

Some of the things I will cover in this article:

  • Types of dependencies.
  • Sharing fonts among modules and the app.
  • Sharing images and asset catalogs.
  • Working with Bundles and Storyboards.
  • The Boundaries of a module.

Everything will be in the context of an application that is comprised of a set of modules: core (for entities and business logic), networking, and scenes modules (like a login scene and a home scene). …

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Great animation comes from Owen Chikazawa


In large scale projects, and arguably in any project, the capability for creating, running and testing parts in isolation is a necessity. A change in one part should not require to recompile the entire app until it is really necessary.

In this article, I’m going to explain how we can create a modular architecture using Cocoapods and Xcode. Something that looks like this:

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Imagine we need to make a small change in a screen and try it out to see if that change works. If the app we are working on is built monolithically as a single product, we will need to recompile the entire codebase to see the results. …


Leandro Pérez

Software Engineer, coding since 2001. I have done plenty of work in iOS with Objective-C and Swift.

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