The true measure of a startup
Bruno Amaral

I couldn’t agree with it more, so I add my 2 cents for it:

  • many startups are headed by people who see on the startup scene their unique opportunity to “play their dream toys”
  • they forget the main rule: build a product that will make the User’s life better. Keeping this rule in mind, it’ll be natural to follow and apply such metrics you described in the article
  • they are full of “Jedis”, “Rockstars”, “Hackers”, or even “[any prefix here] Engineers”. Yes, my point here is that today a good amount of tech teams claim to be “engineers”. I don’t disagree at all, but this type of claim is useless, lets people think the focus of the product is purely technical by applying cool (and hard) solutions, forgetting so their main target: the User. In my lifetime I can’t count the times I saw dozens of people spending weeks or months, thinking the best approach to build a feature, drawing the best and cool design ever, designing the best solution ever, but losing the fact that what matters for real is tracking the User’s needs.
  • IMHO everyone, from managers to marketers, from developers to designers, should read the book “Don’t make me think, Steve Krug” before putting the gentle hands into the startup scene. By doing that the “circus” will be extraordinary!
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