¡Si se puede! — ‘Yes we can’,
What I learned from Podemos
Owen Jones

As Jim Ross said, this is probably a logical reply to one of the most noxious catchphrases ever said in the world : Margaret Thatcher’s TINA “ There is no alternative”. Neoliberalism and conservative parties since the ‘80s have used it as a mantra to justify many of their unjustificable excesses on their own people, by robbing them the notion that there is always alternatives to explore and presenting themselves ( and their own interests, of course) as the only sensible way of action. This simple truth ( that there’s always many paths leading to the same place, not only one) partly explains the hope and optimism Mr. Jones noticed: no more defeatist sense of inevitability but exciting new horizons to explore, true free will in action instead of losing the reigns of your own destiny.

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