First of all, Why English now?

Well, the most important reason that made me write my posts in English is that I know that I have to improve my English skills.
Another reason is that I want to increase the reach of my posts, so I decided to write in English from now on.

Ok then! Let’s talk

Today I’ll tell you about what I do to be more present on GitHub, even not contributing with third party projects as I would like.

Put your personal on GitHub

While I was searching about how I could really increase my presence on GitHub, I found a lot of repositories that I used to call 
“Personal Repositories” that are repos where people use to put stuff like codes, stocks etc for a personal use but maybe it helps someone who is looking for something alike. Some examples of repos like this are Free-Social-Icons or Awesome-React-Native
So, when I saw these repos, I just think “Hey, I can do that, I have a lot that I want to share”. So I started to make some repos like BR Docs that is a javascript library to validate some Brazilian documents like Personal ID and My Useful Codes that is a stock of codes that some how are useful to me and maybe can be useful for another people too.

Join your work with your GitHub

Another strategy that I used was that I “joined” my work with my personal GitHub. What I mean “to join” this scenarios? I’ll explain this with an example.
Days ago I have to make an integration REST API about a specific product for the company where I work at and after a LOT of researches I decide to do my own doc maker application. Before you say “Oh my GOD, you can use the Postman or Swagger", Yes, I can but the company does not want to spend any money on this and this tools really doesn’t have some features that I needed.
So I started to do this, and I saw that I could put this application on GitHub, so I did and during the development and commits I increased my contribution graph a lot. Note that when I say “graph”, I’m saying that I increased my contributions, my presence on GitHub, the graph is just a consequence of that.
Today I just finished the first version of this tool that I call LS Doc Maker. I really like the results and I would be very glad if you star this repo for me and if this tool can help you anytime I’ll be glad++.

Cool, huh!

After that, I just started to put other things that I have to do or that I have to store and that maybe could help someone.
Nowadays I’m addicted to contribute on GitHub, no matter if it is a personal repo, or a third party repo, I just want to contribute and believe that I’m helping the community in some way.

Well, this was my “contribution” for today, I hope you enjoy this post, see ya!

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