I’m the perfect age to be on social media

I was pretending to read a book at a coffee shop one afternoon while waiting for my husband to be done with his movie when a thought hit me: I am the perfect age to be on social media.

I was eleven when the Internet presented itself to me, and I knew right then and there that I was in love and would be for a very long time. At thirteen, I had mastered the art of ASLs and BRBs and AFKs. By sixteen, I was already actively writing for secrets forums — waaaay before Reddit was even a thing. Seventeen, I was HTML-ing the shit out of my MySpace profile. At nineteen, I bitched around on Friendster. Twenty-one, I started Facebook and never looked back.

Social media today is massive. Everyone is on social media — especially businesses.

I’m the perfect age to be on social media because I’m not too young to be doing nonsense stuff on it; I’m not too old to be lost.

I’m the perfect age to understand what social media is, how it works, and make a living off it!

Thank you, Internet! Thank you, social media! Thank you, timing!

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