You can’t be what you can’t see — CHANGE MAKERS

The matter of drastic changes in the political and public scene has been the hot topic of the last months.

We discussed, protested, blogged, Tweeted, Instagrammed and Facebooked about it, but one more thing we need to discuss is how this scene is a reflection of our society and how each of us can take responsibility for the changes we’re seeking.

The ideas in this article are crowd-sourced by the Lean In community. If you want to contribute and share how you envision the change with other 1000+ lean-inners., you can do it right here.

Actionable ways in which each of us can create change in our community.

  • Redirect 2% of your income taxes to an NGO you believe in.
  • Focus more on what you can do rather than on what you can’t: volunteer for different projects, make donations to social causes or just smile and offer a hand to someone in need.
  • Get involved in any volunteering activity from which your community can benefit of (no matter the size of it) or, even better, initiate yourself any activity that might improve the living standards for everyone in your community.
  • We can start promoting more the women around us, cheering for their successes, applauding their courage, supporting them through failures. We can start sharing more, more of the opportunities we know, more of the information we posses. We can start understanding that strong communities build stronger individuals and for us to be better the people around us need to be better. We can start with the little things in our lives, in our behaviors and take it from there.
  • Try to do small random acts of kindness everyday. Try to find someone that needs your help. From buying a sandwich for a homeless person to talking to the stranger that recycles cardboard in order to find his story.

Inspiring women change-makers

Mihaela Dragan is an actress, playwright, activist and founder of Giuvlipen, a feminist theatre company that presents stories of Romani women.

Florina Onetiu is an entrepreneur whose dream is about creating positive impact in the community, through the concept of delivering happiness. She is the founder of The Happiness Center, which has as purpose the well-being of people, both at mental and physical level.

Emma Watson, the appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, is a genuine promoter of gender equality. She’s involved in promoting education for girls and the need for women’s political participation in countries in development.

Oana Moraru. She is trying to change our educational system and focus it on skills versus information. She founded a school in Calarasi that cares to solve the major pain points of our public schools, offering children an alternative, interdisciplinary way of learning.

Sonia Sotomayor is the first Associate Justice of Hispanic heritage from the U.S Supreme Court. She was raised by a single mother and graduated from Princeton and Yale.

Article contributors: Oana Hategan, Iulia Starcu, Cezara Nitigus, Melania Galea, simona criste.

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