Brooding and ‘Breeding’ While On Benefits

I’ve been labelled selfish for being broody whilst also being disabled and being poor. SELFISH. Let me be clear, I’m not able to try conceiving without specialist treatment. I’ve not had one single attempt. The entire basis of me being a ‘selfish asshole’ is from the broodiness itself. How dare I have feelings beyond my control? How dare I express them as a disabled person on benefits? Eh?

Imagine this being told to you. Now imagine it being the shared view of many. Having to constantly hear/ read that you are ‘scum’ for having natural urges.

This is the common experience of those who want – even have – children while also claiming benefits. It’s also regularly told to disabled people regardless of their employment status. The assumption is that poverty somehow equals a high level of fertility as we apparently ‘breed’ like animals rather than humans.

We have been so dehumanised over the years that we and our children are viewed more as cattle than people.

I have read/ heard countless calls for me to be ‘sterilised' before being able to ‘breed’ as my potential children are on a par with maggots in this society. No exaggeration. There are many proud to advocate for eugenics and feel a strong sense of moral superiority from doing it. The contempt for children born into poverty is vile. There are regular demands for children to be left to starve to punish the parents for being in poverty. That’s an innocent child being abused for someone else. This should not be seen as a normal view to have.

It’s somehow seen as socially acceptable to support nazi policies against the poor and disabled. Doesn’t that anger you? People want to force sterilisation on vulnerable groups as they view their children as unworthy of existence.

Step back for a moment. Forget you pay tax like we all do. Doesn’t it disgust you that it’s happening all the time and children are reading and hearing this too? Don’t you want to protect children from people who wish they were being abused?

One person to another, would you want your potential children put through the same? I’m not asking you for your views on their parents. The children… is it fair to my (hopefully) future child if they are abused because I happen to be poor and disabled?

If you still can’t answer a question with a straight “no” then frankly **YOU** should stay away from children.

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