They have much more in common than just being five letter words starting with the letter “G”

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Grief is a universal experience and emotion. It comes to us all in one form or another — sometimes over and over again.

The circumstances that result in grief seem to mount steadily as one goes through life. It might start as simply as a sadness over the death of a pet goldfish as a child and grows to the point where the loss is a beloved person in life (it doesn’t much matter whether the death was “to be expected” at the…

It may be time to rethink my alliances.

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I come from a long line of house plant nurturers. My grandmother would cultivate any living green thing (I think some of them were actually weeds) she could bring into her home. She seemed to have a knack for making vegetation thrive.

This passion fell to my mother in a natural course of events. In fact, my grandmother once gave my mother a single leaf from her philodendron plant to root and grow in her own home (she was successful in creating that new plant). …

. . . Or, why repetition will not lead to a stronger argument.

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I am a relatively quiet talker. I keep my voice at a civilized, normal decibel level. I state my case as succinctly as I can — and then I stop speaking!

I’ve noticed lately that I am in a distinct minority.

In fact, I’ve noticed a clear uptick in both decibel level and the apparent need to repeat a thought or opinion until the speaker has badgered the listener (and anyone else within hearing range) into submission.

There is so much noise in this world that, for…

How did I ever let this chaos take over my life?

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I have a password to access my computer. I have a password to access my phone. I have a password to access my e-mail. I have one or more passwords to access every app, website, social media site, banking site and any other function imaginable.

I am password rich.

I am also password crazy.

I came to realize this recently when I needed to update my profile on a shopping website. It turns out the password I use to shop on this site is not the same one I…

In the not-so-famous words of my sainted mother, “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” (This quote is not original with her, I’m sure — but she used it with great regularity.)

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Therapists and counselors of all types love to preach the value of “open communications” when instructing couples, family members and assorted relationship groupings of all types on the best way to maintain or re-establish harmony in their relationships.

It seems as if every issue should be resolved with a few hastily spoken words that will clear the air…

My cluttered desk created a cluttered mind.

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I am, by my most basic nature, an organized and structured person. I put away my laundry. I open and distribute my mail (mostly to the trash bin) as soon as I bring it in from the mailbox. I push in my chair (and those around me that are in disarray). I pay my bills, write my checks, push send on crucial texts and e-mails — all with the good intentions of being on top of my game.

All the time. Every day. It is my mission in life — indeed, I pride…

It’s a love/hate relationship, for sure.

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As human beings, we have always been a traveling lot of plague and infestations. Every parent knows that when they send their first grader off to school in the fall (back in the day when in-person education was a standard), odds were the family would be stricken with a case of sniffles, or worse, before the first month was out.

Snotty noses travel fast in crowds and tight social gatherings.

For most of my life that was just the way life was. We accepted the risk (the almost certainty) that a cold or two…

The premise is wonderful, just a little too rigid for me right now.

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Dry January, a personal pledge to refrain from drinking alcohol during the month of January, is definitely a worthy challenge for any of us who may have indulged a little too much during the holiday season — or throughout the entire previous year for that matter.

Being a fan of personal challenges, I thought I would investigate this concept just a bit further.

The history of this challenge is noble. Its goals are commendable. After all, who can argue with a month of making totally sober decisions…

See the world — It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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I love travel. I have loved travel, and the concept of traveling, since long before I had the maturity or the means to do so.

As a child, I collected postcards. They were postcards from friends, from family, from friends of family and family of friends. It didn’t matter where the source of my personal postcard stash originated. I even sent away for travel brochures that held the promise of including a scenic postcard from lands far away just so I could expand my collection.

I was fascinated by…

It’s not going to turn out better just because you take longer to do it.

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We all know “What” It Is — Fewer know “Why” it is.

Everyone knows about procrastination and most of us will readily admit to being guilty of it at one time or another.

Procrastination is the annoying behavior of delaying action where the action is needed or intentionally putting off doing what needs to be done, often because we are waiting for the “perfect” time to do it.

For the most part, we tend to view procrastination as a personal flaw of sorts. Every strong-minded person thinks they should be expected to overcome this perceived weakness.

Still, the practice persists. Many people have seemingly valid reasons for kicking the can down the…

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