I thought I’d just share my thoughts on what it’s like to replay the original Last of Us after recently going through Part 2.

It’s been a long while since I’ve played this game, but I’ve also been through it many, many times in the past so I still expected…

“…Wasn’t as good.”

This is a direct quote from The Last of Us Part 2 (actually referring to the Jurassic Park franchise), but it’s also the opinion shared by many gamers regarding the recent followup from what was named “Game of the Year” seven years ago.

I’ve now decided to…

I thought for this post I’d just take the opportunity to vent and recount how this whole quarantine situation has been for me and the other half so far.

If you’re interested in reading on, I should warn that there will probably be a lot of videogame talk included, as…

(Another video game related post, named after an in-game quote — this time we’re talking about Resident Evil 3 the remake!)

I’ve had more than one play through of this game now, including one speedrun just to see how fast I could get through it (1hr54mins it turns out, on…

No, this isn’t a blog about Hairspray, I’m talking money!… bells being the currency that makes the world go round in a little known videogame called Animal Crossing. This is me taking the opportunity to share my experience so far with the latest release: New Horizons.

The Short Version


Leanna Carl


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