Cool Black Chick

Hey Marcella, this is great and I appreciate your call to arms. I definitely think it’s important to encourage and remind women especially black women that our voices are important in this community and comedy in general. That being said I’d just like to say there are no sealed boarders at UCB and especially not in this moment. Things haven’t been announced but there some are talented exceptional black women that are bing included in UCB 2016 program. I feel as a black women included in the deciding process this year that Still was excited and falling over at the chance to put some exceptional black women on stage and in writers rooms and diverse comedians in general. I think we’ll all be excited at what the diversity program has done for the changing face of UCB. I know that all of the program deciders JUMP at the opportunity to promote a talented diverse person. That being said I second your call to black women, to continue your work and to push yourselves to be exceptional at all costs. When I started UCB, through my entire session of classes there was not ONE other black female in my classes, I think I took one class with miss shannon rogers, but now there are many more and I think our programs will start to reflect that shift.

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