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Photo by Fezbot2000/Unsplash

My goal for 2020 is to simplify.

In a world filled with endless distractions with more distractions popping up every day, learning to find inner peace and clarity and learning how to slow down is perhaps one of the most valuable skills.

The biggest goal of simplifying is not to take things away but instead make space for the things that are the most important. Make space to create instead of consume: time to create, connect, and play.

I tend to be someone to overthink things, complicate things, and as a result get overwhelmed and in turn spend my time…

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Photo by Jessy Hoffmann / Unsplash

Here’s a friendly reminder that everyone has one of these little gremlins blabbing away inside their heads. Yes, everyone. And this little (sometimes big) voice actually has a purpose.

In Buddhism, this is often referred to as your “monkey mind”. It comes from the idea of a monkey jumping from tree to tree, like your mind hopping from thought to thought: inconsistent, indecisive, reactive, and restless.

The human brain has been evolving for millions of years. So if this little voice in your head won’t shut up, it probably has something to say. …

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Photo by Tim Wright /Unsplash

In our world of constant distraction and quick hits of dopamine delivered to us conveniently through our ever present devices, it can be easy to disregard the power and benefit of one on one communication.

Social media is the junk food of human connection.

Like a sugary refined treat, it gives us a temporary burst of high social satisfaction and validation, leaving us hungry and with an insatiable need for more, depleted of the real nutrients (human connection) that we need. …

Leanne Herrndorf

Software developer with a love for outdoor adventuring, reading, learning, and making delicious vegan food.

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