31 Declarations

On the morning of my thirty-first birthday my husband informed me that I am now closer to 40 than I am to 21. Depressing, yes, but mathematically correct. This realization hit me much harder than 30, which I’d prepared myself for months in advance so that I could go forward and make the best of it.

As someone who needs to focus more on growing my internal motivations — you know, doing self-growth for me and me alone — but who is prone to (Catholic) guilt aka fear of letting others down, my self-improvement ambitions (delusions of grandeur) are often lacking in follow through when I don’t have to answer to anyone but me. So in true HR-inspired SMART goal setting for the year, here is what I will complete and document as part of this 31 project in the next year:

31 personal challenges (to be loosely laid out in a separate post, open to revision)
31 hikes (because 52 was too much of a commitment)
31 art projects (I started this last year but fell off the wagon.)
31 runs (yaaaay, running!)
31 bike rides to-from work (gotta figure out a way to do so now that the weather is nice)
31 books (that’s right, read 31 books. Perhaps join a book club?)
31 medium posts (get back to reflective/creative writing)
31 meals (home cook 31 meals for Matt… he may scrap this goal after eating a couple of my cooking attempts)
31 items (de-clutter my life. Donate or give away.)
31 post cards (just to say hello to friends and family who I may not have said hello to in a while)
31 consecutive days spent NOT drinking alcohol, eating out and watching Netflix (these do not have to happen simultaneously but can overlap)

I declared, I posted, so now I’m publicly accountable to myself, ha. Here we go!