I’m positive you’re working too much.

With the startup culture, you’re prone to work longer hours. After all, your job is to make sure the company doesn’t go under. You’ve got to put in the hours! A huge problem is being overworked to the point of burnout and a loss of passion. Especially all you creative folk.

I’m lucky to work at a company where vacation is encouraged if you feel like you need it; however, that doesn’t mean the vacation is worth it. Pulling yourself away from your 9–6 (or more) is not easy. Once you’re done working, someone sends you a message and you’re back online within minutes thanks to our handy mobile devices. We are working all the time.

How do you find inspiration and avoid losing your passion, you ask? The answer is, I don’t know. But here are somethings I periodically do to get me through the day:

  1. Doodle
  2. Surround yourself with non-work friends and do non-work things
  3. Gym
  4. Cook (my hobby of choice)
  5. Express yourself in different forms of art (dance, cake-decorating etc.)
  6. Stop taking things personally (I’m really bad at this)
  7. Start leaving chat rooms that add little value to your everyday workflow
  8. Take breaks
  9. Go outside
  10. Take a vacation and sign out of your email / chat apps (guilty of not doing this mostly because FOMO)

That’s all I got. If you have recommendations of how to stay inspired send them my way.