đź’ˇIDEA TIME-Airlines and Relaxation

Let’s say you’re an airline. This is your customer. Look at how peaceful and calm they’re feeling right now and ask yourself why?

Could it be that you were smart and instead of offering multiple screens for mind-numbing movie watching or music streaming you decided to invest in their individual wellness?

Maybe you partnered with @headspace so they could work on mindfulness.

Maybe you realized that in this day of constant demand — push, pull, and interruption hell from everyone and their brother just trying to get people’s money — the better way to connect with your customers was to help them disconnect?

Can you even imagine what flying could be like if planes became spaces of relaxation?

And if you’re not in the airline business, can you conceive of thinking about your customers and clients wellness and overall health as much as you think about selling to them?

What would that look like?