A New Role for Len at Leanpub

by Peter Armstrong

published Jul 13, 2015

Today Len Epp has a new title at Leanpub, one that is long overdue:


Although Len wasn’t at Leanpub on day one, he has been instrumental to its growth since joining in 2012. When Len joined, Leanpub was doing about $1,000 a month in sales; we’re now doing well over $100,000 a month and growing.

Sometimes when we’re arguing about a new feature or direction for Leanpub, and Len thinks I think he’s losing, he likes to troll me with this chart:

My troll response is that I’m so good at forecasting that I knew this would happen, and that we’d need to bring him on to help cope with it. More importantly, the next 100x of growth will be harder than the previous 100x was, and it goes without saying Scott and I are thrilled that Len became an integral part of the team early on.

Incidentally, Len has a long history of arguing with me: we met in grade 9, in high school, where we enjoyed doing cool things like designing board games and reading existentialist literature. Eventually, we headed in opposite directions but remained friends: I went west to Victoria, British Columbia to do Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Victoria, and went on to the bay area, where I did an internship at SLAC before spending 8 years as a software developer for Silicon Valley startups. Len went east, doing a D. Phil. in English at Balliol College, Oxford, and then becoming an investment banker in London, before coming back to Canada, co-founding a non-profit in Montreal and then joining Leanpub. Len recently moved from Montreal to Victoria to be with the rest of the team and focus on taking Leanpub to the next stage in its development.

Leanpub is still a bootstrapped startup where everyone does a bit of everything, and Scott, Len and I each manage client projects for Ruboss in addition to our work on Leanpub. As our resident corporate finance and literary type, Len’s interests complement my focus on product and Scott’s focus on tech. Functionally, Scott and I consider Len to be a cofounder, so we’re now making it official.

Congratulations, Len! The next phase of Leanpub is going to be the most exciting yet, and you’re going to be crucial to it.

– Posted by Peter Armstrong

Originally published at leanpub.com.

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