Book Discounts for the 2018 International Day Against DRM

Sep 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Every year Leanpub supports the International Day Against DRM, because we are against DRM. This year, the #IDAD is on Tuesday, September 18.

We encourage everyone who shares our view that DRM is a bad thing to spread the word and show support for this cause.

Here are some generous discounts being offered by Leanpub authors in support of the 2018 IDAD:

Title: Everyday Rails Testing with Rspec
Author: Aaron Sumner
Price: $10.00
Discount: 47%

Title: The Majesty of Vue.js 2
Authors: Alex Kyriakidis, Kostas Maniatis, and Evan You
Price: $12.50
Discount: 50%

Title: Kotlin for Android Developers
Author: Antonio Leiva
Price: $12.00
Discount: 50%

Title: C++17 in Detail
Author: Bartłomiej Filipek
Price: $7.49
Discount: 25%

Title: iOS Apps with REST APIs
Author: Christina Moulton
Price: $19.00
Discount: 35%

Title: Ansible for DevOps
Author: Jeff Geerling
Price: $7.49
Discount: 50%

Title: High-Performance Java Persistence
Author: Vlad Mihalcea
Price: $18.87
Discount: 30%

DRM is bad in many ways. For example, it represents an attempt to artificially recreate, in digital things, the inherent weaknesses of non-digital things that various business models are designed to exploit.

For example, some library systems for handling ebooks take an ebook out of the library’s collection after a certain number of people have checked the ebook out. This is done because paper book sellers know how many times a paper book can be checked out on average before a library needs to buy a replacement copy, due to wear and tear, and they want to make money the same way with ebooks.

A higher-level problem is that in order to ever really work, a policy like DRM requires total control of a system. And that doesn’t just mean control of an ebook file, or an ebook reader: ultimately, it means control of you.

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