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published Jan 09, 2014

We’ve read quite a few posts showing how having a coupon input on checkout can really hurt conversion rates. People see the coupon box and go off into the wilds of the internet looking for a coupon and never come back.

We’ve also heard from authors who are getting a lot of emails from people asking for coupon codes to their books, which would be pretty annoying.

However, the ability to give discounts is still extremely important — it can really drive sales, and it’s great for things like giving free copies to reviewers or friends.

So we decided to get rid of the coupon input on the purchase form and replace it with a coupon code in the URL.

Our Solution

Normally, when you go to buy a book, the url looks like this:

A URL with a coupon will look like this:

Try it out — the coupon works. You can see that we highlight the packages that this coupon applies to, and clicking the “Buy Now” button will take you to the purchase page with the coupon already applied.

What happens to my old coupons?

We know you might have coupons that you handed out at a conference or or on a slide in a presentation that’s still on the web or somewhere else that you don’t have control over.

So the coupon code input will still be shown on the purchase page for as long as you have valid old-style coupons for your book. Once all of your valid coupons are of the new url variety, we won’t show it any more.

Also, your old coupons will work right away with the new-style coupon URLs. Just append /c/coupon_code to your book’s URL.

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