Lean Publishing 2013 “World Tour” — let Leanpub buy you a beer in Brisbane (Oct. 12, 5 PM, Fifth Element) or San Francisco (Oct. 25, 6 PM, Hotel Nikko)

published Sep 29, 2013

Update October 8:

Here are the dates and times:

Brisbane: October 12 at 5 PM at Fifth Element, 188 Grey Street

San Francisco: October 25 at 6 PM at the Kanpai Lounge in Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason Street

(Frankfurt on October 7 got cancelled.)

All I need is a fake rock concert T-shirt…

I almost never go to conferences, and I only go when I’m speaking, for reasons outlined best in 2010 by Mark Suster… However, in February I did a talk about Lean Publishing and Leanpub at TOC2013 in New York. It was well-received, and had meaningful benefits for Leanpub, including an article in The New Yorker blog. And since I got it recorded it keeps providing benefits to Leanpub.

So, this October, I’m going to try an experiment and do a round-the-world flight that will include three conferences. I’d like to buy Leanpub authors in those cities a beer (or a coffee, or a glass of wine) and learn about their Leanpub experience and how we can improve it…

1. CONTEC, Frankfurt (Conference = October 8, Possible Leanpub Drinkup = October 7)

Kat Meyer is involved in producing this event, and she is genuinely great, so this should be a great conference. So, if anyone here is in the Frankfurt area, go to the conference!

I have a 20% discount code that the organizers want me to share: CONTEC13SP20

The registration form can be found at: http://www.buchmesse.de/en/academy/programme/00339

I’m flying out right after the panel on October 8 that I’m on (it turns out Australia is far away from Germany, and there are lots of time zones ;), but if anyone is in the Frankfurt area on October 7, email me. I’m sure there is beer in Germany in October…

2. GenreCon, Brisbane (Conference = October 11–13, Possible Leanpub Drinkup = October 12)


I’m doing a short talk and a how to use Leanpub workshop. I think the talk is 20 minutes and the workshop is 2 hours.

I assume that on October 11th I’ll be a zombie from the jet lag, but if there are any Leanpub authors in Brisbane, ping me on October 12!

3. Books in Browsers, San Francisco (Conference = October 24–25, Possible Leanpub Drinkup = October 25)

I’m talking for 20 minutes on the morning of October 25. Also, John Maxwell (an SFU prof who is a huge friend of Leanpub) is talking on the afternoon on October 25.

Schedule: http://bib.archive.org/category/program

If there are Leanpub authors in the San Francisco on October 25, ping me. The conference should end at around 5 PM on the 25th, and I’m free after…



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