Leanpub Authors as Speakers for AirConf

published Jul 24, 2014

If you’re a Leanpub author who likes speaking at technical conferences, contact Igor Lebovic from AirPair at il@airpair.com. They’re doing a cool virtual conference called AirConf, and we’re partnering with them in some promotional work.

We’ve been talking to the guys at AirPair, and what they’re doing is a good fit for lots of Leanpub authors.

Specifically, they’re putting on a virtual conference called AirConf, and many Leanpub authors would be great fits to be speakers. If you look at the speaker list, you’ll see a few are there already, and not just Obie Fernandez, their CTO. (I’m on a panel too, talking about why developers should write books, hopefully on Leanpub of course.)

Leanpub and AirPair are both great ways for developers to build and monetize their personal brands (yeah, the “personal brand” phrase still makes me cringe a little bit, but it’s actually totally valid). The great thing is how complementary AirPair and Leanpub are.

So, we’re going to be doing some promotional work around this. (Seriously. Leanpub doing marketing. Who knew?)

As part of this, we’re going to be featuring books by Leanpub authors who are AirConf speakers in the next Leanpub newsletter, and also in an “AirConf week” on the Leanpub homepage.

Originally published at leanpub.com.

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