Leanpub Royalties Policy Update

by Len Epp

published Oct 01, 2015

We’ve recently made an improvement to our royalty payment policy.

Previously, we only paid out royalties if an author, publisher or cause had earned over $40. This was for administrative convenience, but now we’re changing the policy so that we will make payments to any account that has earned more than $1.00.

As usual, payments will be made on or near the first day of every month. Because of our 100% Happiness Guarantee two-click refund policy, royalties are held for 45 days. Once the royalty owing to you from each individual purchase has passed the 45 day threshold, it will be added to the amount that will be paid to you at the beginning of the next month.

– Posted by Len Epp

Originally published at leanpub.com.

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