Long Overdue: Welcome Len Epp to Leanpub!

published Dec 17, 2012

If you’re a Leanpub author, chances are you already know who Len Epp is: he’s the helpful person making videos explaining how to use Leanpub, helping authors on the Google Group or the mailing list, etc.

Len has been working throughout 2012 on Leanpub. As Leanpub is growing, we’ve decided to make it official: Len is now a full-time Leanpub employee (Employee #2, after Ken).

Len’s official title is Head of Customer Development, which means that besides doing all the stuff he does to ensure that our authors are happy and productive, he’ll also be doing lots of work in the months ahead building out our new Leanpub for Publishers program! More on that soon…

So, welcome Len officially to Leanpub! We’d say make yourself at home, but you already have :)

Originally published at leanpub.com.

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