PayPal has suspended operations in Turkey

by Peter Armstrong

published Jun 10, 2016

Hi everyone,

PayPal has suspended operations in Turkey.

Leanpub uses PayPal both to process payments to authors and to process purchases from customers. We take PayPal and credit cards, but our credit card form is processed by PayPal Website Payments Pro. So if PayPal does not support a country, neither does Leanpub.

The most important effect of this is that authors with Turkish PayPal accounts will have to find other PayPal accounts, that are eligible to receive payments, before we can make royalty payments to them in the future.

We are emailing all authors of Turkish language books directly, and we have posted on our Google Group as well as here. (We are aware that there may be some Turkish authors of non-Turkish-language books, and authors of Turkish language books who are not based in Turkey, but this seems like the appropriate level of email.)

This also means a small loss of sales to all Leanpub authors who have customers in Turkey.

We thank everyone for their patience during this unfortunate situation.



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