The December 2016 Leanpub Book Sale!

by Len Epp

published Dec 15, 2016

We have decided to invite Leanpub authors to add their books to mid-montly sales every month going forward. Below is a list of the books participating in the sale for December. The sale lasts to the end of Monday, December 19.

Have fun checking out these great deals!

Authors often announce sales and promotions on social media. Follow Leanpub on Twitter for a better chance of discovering new authors and new books!

Author: Shamim Ahmed Bhuiyan, Michael Zheludkov, and Timur Isachenko Book: High Performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite: Building low latency, near real time application Regular Minimum Price: $19.00

Sale Price: $17.00

Discount: $2.00, 11%


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