Let’s be honest. For many organizations, even daily operations have become a survival-level struggle. Businesses everywhere are being severely tested by the pandemic and its devastation. Whether you’re working to bring in revenue in spite of social distancing, struggling to add capacity and keep up with demand, or facing any other set of new challenges, there is a strong imperative for everyone to think and behave more creatively.

That imperative has created an opening for leaders to bring innovation into the spotlight and drive this mindset across the entire organization. People are looking for strong leadership right now. They want answers, reliable tools, and they are more willing to try new things. …

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How do you spot an innovator? Which characteristics should you look for in a business environment where almost nothing ever slows down?

One certainty is that a culture of innovation allows companies to surf the massive waves of change currently rippling through technology, society, and commerce. If you don’t already have one, the road to reshaping culture is a tall order under any conditions, but especially for companies that have traditionally favored predictability over risk-taking.

Each time we’ve succeeded in working through management puzzles that others simply couldn’t, I’ve looked deeply into the factors that made it possible. …

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Christopher Lochhead values standing out over fitting in. He wants entrepreneurs to create markedly different products, not just better versions of old standbys. His #1 charting podcasts, “Follow Your Different” and “Lochhead on Marketing,” and bestselling books Niche Down: How To Become Legendary By Being Different and Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets instruct entrepreneurs on developing and dominating new categories of products and services-and shifting consumer paradigms in the process. Lochhead eschews conventional marketing wisdom and evangelizes “category design,” which he calls “a secret art built on the thinking of legends.”

Lean Startup Co. advisor Christopher Guest recently chatted with Lochhead to understand why category design is so powerful, how to best wield it, and why entrepreneurs should naturally embody it. Below are the highlights of their lively conversation. …


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