About Light and shadow

In the spiritual community, everyone talks about ascension about higher light , about higher self , about the greatest good …

What if it was descension ( let’s invent a word) and not ascension

What if it was just about remembering that we are already divine and to bring down that perfected version of ourselves in our physical body , in this earthly plane, full of duality and shadow

What if it was just about shedding light on our shadow ?

What if loving our shadow was the key and the only way ?

One can only find light when one embraces his or her shadow and love it unconditionally …

Because the moment you do that, your shadow and his suite of lower emotions. Wil stop bugging you …

Fear pain sadness anger resentment fear of evil , fear to belong to the wrong side ( it can be sexual, religious, spiritual, work related …) … When people react violently to what you are or say , it is generally because you are reflecting to them a part of them they hate, fear or reject…

You must have had people around you suddenly shutting you off from their lives with no reason …. Often it is because they see in you what they don’t want to see in them …aka the darkness , especially if you are at peace with your lucifer self …. They will not be able to be around you anymore … Many spiritual people have what I call , the ‘fallen angel ‘syndrome….

They are so fearful to be AGAIN On the dark side that they just Want to be good at any cost . They have a denied memory of being a fallen angel and of doing so called bad deeds ….but they should just relax as we all did … Earth is a school, a playground where we learn and master and it never stops. How do you think you can ever master forgiveness without someone whom to forgive to ?

Well… Then some souls have to volunteer to play the bad guys ….maybe we should thank them for the lesson instead of hating them …

People who have that fallen angel syndrome usually always fear that there is a permanent conspiracy of evil everywhere and that we are at war and that they are waiting hidden in the bush to trick you ….Don’t get me wrong , I am not saying it does not exist but the more you fear it, the more more you give power to it.

They also often praise themselves for channeling the highest of the highest of light ( aka Angels ) and not earthly energies or elementals …

And lastly they are good …..They want to be good and they don’t seem to be happier than the average people. On the opposite they are often bitter and resentful and pointing fingers at all the people who are hypocrites and who do not follow what they preach. All these NOT enlightened people who still eat ‘’dead animals»…Pb is that when you are so focused on being good, you forget to just be, you forget that you are both shadow and both light. You forget that there are codes in the shadow and in the light ..You often forget to love yourself ….you forget the universal laws, you forget Fibonacci suite , you forget that both light and shadow come from God .

I trust and know that there is holy spirit and that there is holy shadow too ….

Shadow becomes holy when you pour light on it :

  • acknowledge the shadow and stop the denial
  • - embrace the shadow to understand the roots and the message
  • - love the shadow unconditionally so that it sets you free
  • To assist the process, it is key to allow yourself to feel the lower emotion ….
  • If you can feel it, you can heal it….
  • Some oils and elixirs can assist.
  • I am currently channelling sacred healing oils under the patronage of Marie Magdalene, cosmic master Thoth, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Haniel. These 24 oils are «new «and part of an ancient healing tradition dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria.
  • I am honored to bring this cosmic knowledge back to humanity.
  • And of course , One of them is called HOLY SHADOW;-)
  • It will assist people in healing and pouring light and love on their shadow self or lower- self .

To know more about light and shadow, read this article


In light and love your shadow

Leantara Shah



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