About personal power and money

Some of us feel they lack of personal power because they rely on someone else for money, should it be their husband, wife, parents, friends, siblings, or social welfare.

Should you find yourself in such a situation and suffer from it, you need to claim your personal power back.

You have part of your power transferred over and wrapped up in him, her, them as though his her or their opinion, financial power, worldly ability and practicality hold some kind of power over you. They do not, except at some level you believe that they do.

The truth is that the divine provides us with all that we need. It might be delivered to us either through our own efforts or through the effort of another being, but nothing is able to be withheld from us that is rightfully ours. If someone tries to do that, it will simply be delivered in another way to us, whilst they will learn the lesson in their own journey. Everything that you need to live and grow is given to you, along with your body, as part of your soul journey.

So nothing that you genuinely need for your life journey is ever going to be withheld from you. What you are dealing with is not what you actually think it is. At some level there is a belief in you that your security, safety, financial wellbeing or basic survival are dependent on you having another around to support you.

Maybe time is ripe for you to question your belief and to surrender to the fact that for now God’s blessings come through their hands and to be grateful and to stop questioning your self worth.

In some cases we feel controlled because there is indeed that kind of vibration coming from the giver ( it can be a partner or parents .. Or someone else…). One simple way to solve it, if you still are in a situation where you need to benefit from this income / help/ money is simply to transmute any associated energy which is not aligned with your highest good. Should it be the case and should you have no other choice than to use the money, you can Simply use this command :

“ I command that this money be received by me and cleared from any associated energy which is not aligned with my highest good. It is done. it is done. It is done. Thank you. You can also visualize violet light transmuting the energy coming with the money”

Once you reclaim your power, you can and will be financially independent if this is your wish and if This is not your wish to be Independent or to work or if it is not your priority, get out of the guilt paradigm and enjoy…

We are all worthy and contribute to the whole, each in our own special and unique way.

And The divine in me bow to the divine in you


Leantara Shah

Healer & Teacher of Akasha Soul Healing | Reiki Master | Channeler & Akasha Records Keeper | Munay-Ki Shaman | Author of forthcoming book “The Fibonacci Code”