After working with some of the most iconic brands over the past two decades we collected truths about the ones that truly stand out and outperform their competition.

By Thomas Fröhlich, Managing Partner at Leap Partners in Zürich.

1 Be in mind

Powerful brands strive to monopolize their clientele’s minds.

2 Have strong borders

Powerful brands manage their borders. Borders energize the brand and provide its profile. Therefore — stronger is better. Borders require to say sometimes «No». Borders are the «Energeticum of a Brand».

3 Be attractive

Powerful brands are like magnets for their clientele. They make sure that they are top of mind when their clients decide. …

How can senior managers that are not part of top-management spark and drive transformation? As there are natural limitations, there is substantial power to those in charge of departments, business units, teams and projects.

By Mattias Weber, Managing Partner at Leap Partners in Zürich.

Imagine a Day in Your Company

Just think of your own firm, you and your colleagues discuss what should happen to move the company forward, that management didn’t see those key developments and that you would expect a different, more clear and better strategy.

When someone asks you, what you as a senior person — maybe a leader of a department or…

We get this question all the time: If my company has vision and strategy, why do we need a purpose? Or: We have all these different definitions in place but employees feel overwhelmed and don’t understand what these terms exactly are useful for.

By Mattias Weber, Managing Partner at Leap Partners in Zürich.

As part of every engagement where we develop a strategy we find common ground about the definitions and understanding of these terms. …

When it comes to designing successful products and services, the users’ perspectives are key. Often enough, companies tend to focus on their own perspectives, missing to put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

By Thomas Fröhlich, Managing Partner at Leap Partners in Zürich.

Good if you take it out of the dishwasher but not if you drink from it.

The Right Perspectives Are Crucial for Successful Product and Service Design

Whatever was the intention engraving the United logo in this way, from the travellers perspective it was the wrong direction. To take the users’ perspective is still a tricky issue as there can be different ones. Here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Don’t Ask — Observe

In oder to really understand the customers’ need, we have to observe how they are really behaving…

Design has evolved into a strategic capability that helps companies imagine and prototype their future. But what are the challenges to do it right, in a way change actually happens?

By Mattias Weber, Managing Partner at Leap Partners, Zürich

The Evolution of Design

A lot has been written about Design Thinking, what it is and where it comes from — just a quick sum up based on the very good post by Julian Koschwitz here in Medium:

  • Design has evolved from a craft to an universal approach («form follows value») to solve open ended problems
  • Working on topics to create the new, purely analytical approaches are not working («How to reinvent healthcare?»); generative approaches perform better
  • Thats why design has the potential to solve complex, networked and dynamic — i.e.

Purpose is high on the agenda of leaders, but still many firms use it in a shallow way. They craft a beautiful statement but don’t fully embed it into the employees’ beliefs and behaviours. The result: they fail to realize their purpose and can’t harvest the full benefits of a purpose-led organization.

By Mattias Weber, Managing Partner at Leap Partners in Zürich.

Why It Matters

After the famous TED talk of Simon Sinek talking about «Start with why» to inspire action, «purpose» got another boost in attention for management. But it’s more than a fad:

1. Purpose performs

Research shows, that purpose-led organizations perform better, e.g. a study of BCG shows that companies with a truly embedded purpose in their organization generate twice the total shareholder return compared to its peers. …

Organizational client-focus sounds obvious but is hard to achieve. Act strategically, start small and scale quickly for sustainable impact.

By Mattias Weber, Managing Partner at Leap Partners, Zürich

Client focus is a key principle in many firms and it is becoming clear that its value runs deeper than communications and quality of service. It is obvious nowadays: customer experience sells.

There is however an urgent need to understand success factors of client-centricity. As companies face pressure from start-ups and new business models, traditional companies need to seek ways to quickly adapt to these new conditions. Some cannot take the pressure and face bankruptcy while others remain agile in the face of change. …

It happens that even strong and successful companies fall asleep in order to stay active and fit concerning their current and future business model. Therefore it is a constant management task in fast changing times to keep eyes open and act if imperative.

By Thomas Fröhlich, Managing Partner at Leap Partners, Zürich

But how to wake up a «sleeping giant» which is still riding on the wave of success, not realizing the sharks are already swimming around?

Wake Up «Sleeping Beauty» on Time

«Too big to fail» is a fairy tale. Today’s business environment is extremely challenging and even strong industry giants can be wiped out within years. So the aim is to keep your business model up-to-date, detect and anticipate imminent changes on time.

Create Awareness

In times of success most organizations and their people tend to neglect potential risks. Two conditions make companies vulnerable: First, when companies earn too…

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