What do you afraid of?

Tony A, Jenkin X and Li Z went to have dinner at Tong Song Garden. Tony and Jenkin ordered the classic Zha Jiang Mian, and Li went with the staff’s recommendation, Jjamppong (炒码面).

We then started this conversation about what scares us.

Li: “Octopus and snake.”

Tony: “So someday I might put a snake in your car, and you’d be totally freaked out?”

Li: “Oh, in that case, I’m afraid of pandas.”

Octopus. I tried to find a cute one so you don’t get scared when you are reading this. — Jenkin

Jenkin: “Wait…who’d afraid of pandas?! Such an innocent animal that survives mainly from being cute.”

Tony and Jenkin in the same time, “Panda eats shoots and leaves.”

Tony: “I won’t put pandas in your car. Nice try, Li.”

Li: “For octopus, just by thinking of the suckers on the tentacles makes me sick.”

Tony: “When did that start?”

Li: “From elementary school. I first read that from the textbook. And just looking at the illustration, I could feel myself start to getting cold from the feet.”

Tony: “Just by looking at a picture, you already had physically reaction to that?!”

Jenkin: “Was it because that was a good UI design!”

Tony: “No, if just by looking at an image she could feel it, it was an excellent design!”

Jenkin: “Okay! So a good UI design made you start to be afraid of octopus!”

Tony: “Seriously, I’m afraid of spiders. When I was at Marshall Island, wooh, those spiders are as big as a palm. Once my friend and I went into a house and saw a dead spider, I was like slammed the door and got out of there in one second.”

Jenkin: “That could be Charlotte, from the Charlotte’s web.”

Tony: “So it read ‘you’re awesome’ — No, nothing like that.”

Jenkin: “I’m afraid of deep sea.”

Tony sing the letter “C” in a high-pitch, then ask, “so this is fine with you.” And then lowered his voice to a deep voice, singing the letter “C”. “Is it deep enough to scare you?”

Li and Tony just couldn’t stop that, and was be like —

“You (deep) C.”

“I (deep) C.”

“We all (really deep) C.”

Tony: “Okay, seriously, what do you mean by deep sea?”

Jenkin: “When the what is underneath the water couldn’t be seen, getting dark blue or grey, I can’t take breath. One time I was chasing sea turtles when I was snorkeling, that they were underneath a bridge, the water started to get deep, I was freaked out and ran back.”

Tony: “Oh, (deep) C, she’s a superhero kind that can run on water!”

Tony: “Li, your noodle is sleek, just like little snakes.”

He really got Li and Li stopped eating. “Now you say that, I can’t eat anymore.”

Then Tony started to send 🐙 to Li on iMessage and Li turned it back by sending 🕷️. They sent Jenkin a bunch of Cs and 🌊.