Undoubtedly, this would be the hottest international news recently. The most historic go game between a man and a computer arouse the attention from every corner of the earth. As a traditional leisure activity which is not that popular like before, go game has regained its reputation due to this impressive competition. Lots of amateur and professional players are longing for challenging AlphaGo. Although Lee Sedol lost for 4 times, he had still become one of the most famous go players in the history.

For someone who think there was an under table agreement behind these games, I would suggest them to put this result in a more positive way. Yes, finally human beings have been beaten by the artificial intelligence which was invented by human beings. However, I believe this would be a good news for everyone due to several reasons.

First, the stereotype of go game (or other industries) was broken. AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol with the unexpected way that no one can imagine before. Or some might do but were persuaded to adopt a much “reasonable” thinking by their teacher, which like every other student did. Under this case, the student might learn it quicker but the spirit of innovation was killed simultaneously.

Second, governments might try to preserve the culture of go game after this event. As an old tradition in Asia, go game hasn’t attracted lots of attention for a long time. ( Last time go game became popular might be resulted by the comic book called “棋靈王”) With a tough enemy around, it’s much easier for someone who don’t play go game treat it much seriously.

Third, artificial intelligence got a significant breakthrough after this event. Google demonstrated its dominant power in AI area. Somehow this would encourage more and more enterprises or governments invest more resources into this industry. No one wants to fall behind in this competition. Thus, we can foresee the AI development will boost in the near future. The game was over, but the history is beginning now.