Nagasaki Daisuki

This year we went to Japan again during Chinese New Year. After visiting Kansai, Okinawa and Tokyo, we choose Kyushu to be our destination and travelled around Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Yufuin in our journey. These cities held different specialties and styles, but Nagasaki was the most impressive city for me during the whole trip.

When it comes to Nagasaki, people may know the heart-broken history during world war 2. Thousands of people sacrificed due to the atomic bomb. And the mushroom-shaped cloud is like the nightmare which haunted in everyone’s mind. Nowadays, peace comes back to this town and residents built a park to memorize that bloody history and a museum to demonstrate relative documents and relics.

Except the sorrowful story, Nagasaki is also famous for its mixed culture among Japan, China, and Holland. As the only city which was allowed to trade with foreign countries under the national seclusion, Nagasaki was strongly influenced by Chinese and Hollandia culture. This influence was reflected in its local cuisine. The most famous one is called champion ramen which tasted like 什錦麵 in Taiwan.

Besides, the night scene is another must in Nagasaki. Selected by 3,000 professional reviewers, the night scene was chosen as the top 3 night scenes in the world. Since Nagasaki is the city next to the seashore, the night scene from 稻佐山 combined the reflection from the sea, which made the whole view become more splendid. And the battleship island is also known for its prosperous history during the coal boom. However, when the era of oil came, the coal mine was closed and people left the island. It turned out to become an uninhabited island that attracted numerous tourists to visit.

If you got the chance to visit Nagasaki in the future, I promise this city won’t make you feel disappointed. Maybe you can mark this city on your next plan, it’s definitely worth your visiting.

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