Physical Examination

Last Friday I goy my first whole physical examination which sponsored by my company. Compared to the ones I got in the school, that examination was quite professional and detailed. The most impressive part was endoscopy procedure, with a general anesthetic.

Actually, what made me feel impressive was exactly the most unimpressive moment. During the procedure, I was totally unconscious and couldn’t remember anything. The last thing kept in my memory was that a nurse told me, “Ok, I’ll let you sleep now.” I was thinking that is there any grammatical mistakes in this sentence when she injected anesthetic into my arm, then I fell into sleep less than 5 seconds.

The feeling was quite psychedelic. The whole world flipped around in front of my eyes. And my consciousness was like a centrifugal water drop, floated in the sky then disappeared soon. When that nurse woke me up, I found one hour passed but I felt it’s just like one minute. I did spend a little time to move my body and regain my consciousness. At that moment, I could feel how a bear felt after the hibernation.

Finally, the examination was finished and everything seemed alright. The Doctor told me that I have to do more exercise and eat fruits, vegetables, and fish instead of having too much red meat. It’s a bit cliche but I guess this undoubtedly a beneficial advice for sure.

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