Excellent Coolers And How They Enhance Ice Retention Capacity

The main purpose of using a cooler or ice chest is to lengthen shelf life of perishable goods to reach consumption time without going bad. An ice cooler is crucial for camping trip, a picnic, although it may not offer adequate capacity or ice retention. Thankfully, all coolers do not have the same design since you will find some made of plastic or Styrofoam so that they can only serve the basic needs of a casual user. You will also find improved coolers with very high ice retention capacity to suit the desires of any user. Among the most popular types of coolers are Yeti coolers that are tough and strong with high resistant durability. Additionally, they come with numerous benefits that set it apart from all the conventional coolers especially their exceptional thermal properties.

Yeti coolers are probably the best-insulated coolers available in the market today with at least two inches of polyurethane material in the rid and walls of the cooler. They also have a freezer gasket seal and one-piece construction that make them have high ice retention capacity. Although the choice of your cooler determines the benefits you will enjoy from diverse models, there are a few tips that can help you maximize the performance of your cooler. If you want further details about excellent coolers and how they enhance ice retention capacity, visit the post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/19/diy-table-built-in-drink-coolers_n_3619079.html.

You need to understand that the art of insulation works both ways, which means that it can retain cold or heat. You should therefore store your cooler in cold environment before you load it with ice. If you store it under direct sunlight or similar hot environment, nature will certainly win and your ice will melt fast. If you exposed your cooler in hot environment, you may consider pre-chilling in a freezer before you use it. It is also crucial to consider the temperature of the ice because colder ice is likely to last longer when you load it to the yeti coolers. Additionally, you should consider chilling or even freezing the food before storing it in the cooler. No matter how insulated the cooler might be, foodstuffs at room temperature or warmer will definitely melt the ice faster than expected.

It is vital to consider the right amount of ice since the more the ice the higher the ice retention rate. Large air spaces will cause the ice to melt much faster than usual. You may use old newspapers to cover the void spaces. If you observe all these tips, you will enjoy any trip or picnic with the quality Yeti coolers. You should check out the best yeti cooler reviews.

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