What is Learn Aurora?

Learn Aurora
2 min readNov 28, 2022


Learn Aurora aims to provide expert advice and information regarding Aurora’s Ecosystem, onboard builders and enthusiasts alike, and ultimately aid in its growth and development.

Learn Aurora sets its sights on serving as a bona fide one-stop shop for things that concern Aurora and its ecosystem and support would-be platforms within the said network. Its goal is multifaceted, meaning it is projected to focus on more than one aspect to ensure holistic success.

This multifaceted program includes these activities, but is not limited to:

  • Magnification of Aurora Ecosystem updates and announcements, as well as new projects and development tools to a wider array of audiences. Through multiple communication avenues and announcement halls.
  • Onboard duly equipped developers within the Aurora Ecosystem, through various programs like live coding tutorials or web seminars that will arm hopeful developers in their journey within the vast expanse of the Aurora Ecosystem.
  • Creation of an open-source project repository for the Aurora ecosystem that is open to everyone whether no matter the level of expertise
  • A learning community within Aurora Ecosystem, where no question is wrong, and ideas are welcome. By creating healthy communication channels that could potentially involve prime developers within the Aurora Ecosystem, the interaction between the higher-ups and the masses will be seamless and desirable.

All of these said tactics and additional activities in the future will be utilized to their full potential using the available resources, to ensure success, and most of all to inspire builders and enthusiasts to develop in the budding network.

Learn Aurora is made to broaden Aurora Ecosystem’s community and its developer pool to accommodate technology’s rising needs and will primarily focus on activities and programs that drive the said directive.


Showcase Aurora Ecosystem to bigger communities and opportunities, while securing Aurora Ecosystem’s internal health and safety community-wise


Onboard new developers, deliver the Aurora Ecosystem, and magnify its best qualities to the greater part of the cryptocurrency industry, through the creation and maintenance of existing effective and healthy bridges of communication and interaction avenues within the space.



Learn Aurora

Learn Aurora opens the Aurora Ecosystem to the boundless opportunities of the Cryptocurrency World