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The biggest thing causing global warming or climate change is the chemical fertilizer industry. I am an Organic Farmer Gardener starting in 1950. The Organic matter that insulates the earth and absorbs the sun rays has been deleted by the synthetic nitrogen applied to the soil. One hundred million tons a year after year is the cause. Being an organic farmer I build up the organic matter and Synthetic N made by a electronic process takes the nitrogen from the 78% in the atmosphere and it is up to 40% available water soluble N that the plants can not use and it is released to the atmosphere as CO2 the green house gas what extra is polluting the water ways around the planet. It is also hurting the fishing industry.

I get my N from the 78% in the atmosphere with 10% organic matter or more that traps the nitrogen when it rains and holds it like a sponge. Also the oxygen which is hardly mentioned. This feeds the plants as needed and is free for the taking. Of course it does not make the chemical companies happy. I have won many contests in Farming production over chemical farmers. Have not used any chemicals of any kind since 1952. I am not a scientist but a common sense, observing logical thinker. Monsanto is a 53 billion dollar company that is taking humanity to the point of no return.

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