Here’s a full thematic unit you can use in your classroom to teach your students about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

In this activity, students will be introduced to the fields of STEAM through a Gallery Walk. They will have an opportunity to reflect on these fields and their impacts on society.

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After participating in the introduction activity, students should have a good foundational understanding of what STEAM is and how it is used. Now they can log on to Front Row and choose a science or technology article to read about. After reading, students will answer the questions on the provided sheet to help them reflect on the topic they read about and its place in our society.

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Students will dive deeper into the STEAM job market in this three-part activity.

In the first part of the activity, students will analyze an infographic with statistics about STEAM education in the United States. They will then answer a few questions reflecting on the major issues in STEAM education, their causes, and possible solutions.

In the second part of the activity, students will participate in a Gallery Walk to understand the broad spectrum of STEAM professions and the requirements necessary to pursue these careers, as well as to pique their interest in STEAM jobs.

In the final part of the activity, students will go online and take a job quiz to see what type of STEAM jobs might be the right fit for them.

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In this activity, groups of students will work on an engineering design project around an issue that affects their community or the world.

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In this activity, students will engage in a Socratic Seminar, a structured discussion in which students build on one another’s ideas and ask questions that drive conversation.

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A list of books that link to STEAM.

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