Second transnational meeting — Malaga

October 1st — 2nd, Malaga, Spain. The Learning2gether consortium has met for the second time, a perfect opportunity to discuss the project’s progress and the next steps for all 6 partners collaborating to help bridge the gap between generations.

Members of the Learning2gether consortium meeting in Malaga, Spain. From left to right : Cesur, Prodiversa, BeCode, Inova, BICC, University of Bifröst.

On a beautiful early October morning, the partners collaborating on the Learning2gether project met in Malaga, Spain. For the second time, representatives of BeCode, BICC, the University of Bifröst, Cesur, Inova and Prodiversa were able to share their progress on the different aspects of the project, face-to-face.

As part of the Intellectual Output 2, each partner created beforehand a learning module on a specific skill :

  • Personal branding
  • Social media for business
  • E-marketing
  • Design tools for websites
  • Data protection policies
  • Tutoring and consultancy skills

Each module has been created in such a way that it is accessible to beginners in each area and contains theoretical content as a foundation for the training, as well as practical activities that will allow participants to learn the above-mentioned skills in a hands-on, active manner.

In preparation for the next phase of the project, the face-to-face sessions during which each partner will turn these modules into practice, all actors of the project got the opportunity to present their work and train each other in order to make the modules meet the needs of the target groups as much as possible.

The Learning2gether consortium is now ready for the next step : the face-to-face sessions!

Multipliers events in all participating countries will be announced soon on the Learning2gether website and social media pages.

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