Homeschooling: The smartest way of teaching your young ones!

Homeschooling has grown in popularity in the past 10 years. Contrary to the general notion that homeschooling creates outcasts, the fact is that a lot of the most well-adjusted and successful students are taught by their parents at home, not at a school desk. In fact, at-home instruction can be regarded as one of the most responsible, relevant, and effective way of educating children in this century.

Personalization is the key
Experts believe that children are able to learn best at their preferred manner and speeds. All students are unique individuals with their own talents, hopes, anxieties, passions, fears, and aspirations. While conventional schools try to personalize lesson plans according to each student, teachers normally still end up using the same strategy for all. There are just too many children for teachers to give every student personal attention. Homeschooling, on the other hand, is designed to be personal.

Homeschooling does not create loners
One of the biggest stereotypes that surround homeschooling is that continuous one-on-one teaching robs children of the socialization they need to better adjust to the society. This is not true. Homeschooled children are just as likely to perform group projects or play soccer as any other child.
Children can get actively involved in the local church and make friends. They can also become friends with other children on their block or have pen pals.
Also, homeschooled children enjoy the absence of the drawbacks of a normal school- such as cliques, peer pressure and bullying. This helps them become more confident and happy individuals than their counterparts.

Schools are more over-worked than the children
As over worked and stressed the students may seem, schools are under exceptionally high pressure to do well. They are expected to help children become physically fit, smart, self-reliant, creative and college-ready. Perhaps, the responsibilities that are heaped onto school teachers are better suited for the parents.
Schools have to introduce extra courses and testing and electives to try to make children achieve the desired goals. But, unfortunately, this does not really work.
There is no other form of education that is designed to foster more personalized education than homeschooling. The long-term benefits of personalization are huge. According to a survey, homeschoolers score above average percentiles. The results are even true when controlling level of income, teaching credentials, amount of education of the parents and state regulations. Research also suggests that children that are homeschooled enroll into good colleges more often and do better academically.

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